Virginia's Premier Baseball Instruction Facility.

We specialize in all aspects of baseball:
the physical, the mental, & the emotional.

At PHR, we offer a wide variety of instructional training catered to fit every athlete, regardless of age.  From the first-timer to the professional player, we aim to craft an experience for each athlete who walks through our doors, meeting them at their experience level to better equip them for the field.

We don't just instruct. We encourage, push, challenge, mentor, advocate, and build our athletes. We work with them on their physical techniques and mechanics* with aim to build them in effective and healthy ways. The physical is important, but so is the mental. We hope to train and adjust their mind in the midst of their training, in preparation for the field.   With positive thinking and good mechanics, players will see results and should see improvement in areas like Velocity, Control, Movement, Power, Bat Speed and Contact.

PHR Instructors have experienced the "game" in real life on professional levels at one point or another. They have been taught by the best. Their goal is to impart to your athlete, so they leave better than they came in. We view every student who walks into our studio as the next victory, and as a star athlete already.

*We promote injury prevention above anything else.  It is important to us to make sure that every athlete is able to safely perform at their highest level of game.

   1524 Spring Hill Road, Ste E McLean, VA 22102   |   (703) 307-6669   |    phrjaysborz@gmail.com
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