PHR Summer 2016 Camps

PHR Baseball will be holding multiple indoor and one outdoor week long summer camps. They will run Monday-Friday during the week from 9am-2pm. We will cover all aspects of the game focusing on individual skills during the morning then games and competitions in the afternoon.
Camps are catered for athletes ages 6-13. 

Non-member: $225||   Members: $210

We will cover the following:

  • Pitching

    • Work through the basic fundamentals of pitching. We will focus on getting a good direction using our lower half to gain accuracy and velocity.  All motions focus around injury prevention. 

  • Hitting

    • During hitting we will focus on having a direct path to the baseball to ensure constant contact as well as having a strong base so that hitters can maintain their balance during the swing.

  • Fielding

    • Fielding will have a focus on footwork to help create a larger fielding range and working through the ball so that athletes make plays on the ball as opposed to letting the ball play them.

  • Strengthening

    • Will cover basic strengthening exercise specially focused on baseball movements to increase speed, agility and power.

Summer Camp Dates

July dates 9am - 2pm

July 4th-8th

July 25th-29th

August DATES 9AM - 2PM

August 8th-12th (Outside @ Mclean LL)

August 22nd-26th

Address of Camp:

PHR Studio
1524 Spring Hill Road
te E McLean, VA 22102

What to Bring to Camps?

H20! (Water)


Baseball Equipment: Glove, Bats, Helmets  

Tennis shoes

A positive attitude

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